Experienced Home Inspector in North Jersey

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We offer a FREE phone consultation before you purchase a house. Enlist the services of a qualified Northern New Jersey home inspector. At Expert Home Inspection Inc, we understand that buying a home or commercial building is a very large financial decision. Be confident in your choice by allowing us to perform a professional evaluation before the closing date.

Our knowledgeable staff knows the problems to look for in old or new homes. You do not want to end up with a building saddled with issues that may detract from its safety or value. The high quality work that we provide will check for any existing or possibly looming flaws so that you can buy with confidence.

We will work with you and your schedule for prompt project completion. We know there are many moving parts to buying real estate. You don't need the extra headache of dealing with an inspector that doesn't respect your time.

Our motto at Expert Home Inspection Inc is 'We Really Look' and we strive to live up to that simple but important sentence. You can trust that a Northern New Jersey home inspector from our team will give your property the time and attention it deserves. To schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, give us a call today.