Dave - you did a wonderful job. We really appreciate your time. - -Anonymous

Dave, thank you for doing an excellent job on the home inspection. You are very comprehensive and a true professional. - Anonymous

Hi Dave. You did my home inspection on Sunday 11/16. I know you spoke with Mark, but I wanted to thank you on doing such a thorough job. I really appceciate the work you did. Buying a house Ís such a stressful process, but relying on the wonderful  job you did with the inspection has made things a lot easier.  We used the guy you recommended to to the house sweep and there is no tank., just an FYI with the good news. Thanks again.  - Jamie

GREAT JOB on the inspection! Very thorough and detailed. The red Iines arrows /circles make it easy to see exactly why you want me to see. The narative was extremely thorough and this inspection really enlightened me as to what needs to be fixed and the next step to take. I thank you for your  time and look forward to working with you in the future AND recommending you to friends and family. Thanks again! - Anonymous