Commercial Home Inspection Company in Hamburg, NJ

Before buying any commercial property it is essential to undertake a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the property is safe and up to specifications. An environmental site assessment, or phase one ESA, will insure that your property meets due diligence standards and is on par with code ASTM-E1527. This inspection makes sure that the area in and around your building is safe of environmental contamination.

Whether you own or are considering purchasing a multifamily complex, commercial or industrial space or storage facility, Expert Home Inspection Inc offers a comprehensive inspection that details your buildings environment, structure and components.

Our inspectors will come to your property and make a careful accounting of the buildings structural integrity, roof and HVAC systems. We'll leave no stone unturned in getting you the knowledge to secure your property and investment. Every Expert Home Inspection Inc inspector has a wealth of training and experience at their disposal to ensure that you're made completely aware of every facet of your commercial space.

Once our inspection is complete, Expert Home Inspection Inc will give you a detailed explanation and report and offer advice as to the best course of action with regard to buying or repairing the space.

Don't go blindly into your new building. Know what you're getting with the help of a Expert Home Inspection Inc commercial inspection! Call us today for an estimate.